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We celebrated The SciGirls Award Ceremony in recognition of the achievements of a unique group of children and youths from the CHCF Program at ps/ms.279. The SciGirls Club, which originally started as a club for girls, ended in an amazing group of girls and boys working together and discovering science in fun and educational ways.

Students and staff shared with their families and friends about their experience in the program and what they learned during the sessions. They also had opportunity to share some of the activities and experiments they performed. They expressed how this opportunity helped them get motivated and engaged in both science, and in school, which helped them improve their teamwork.

All students and parents made this program a success! Thank you Keila, Rosmery, Dayssy, Angelica and Karina for your great effort in making this program a success! You all did an outstanding job. I know students and parents will never forget this amazing experience!

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