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Career and College Exposure

Opening Doors to the Future enhances our work with youth in high schools through a series of workshops and experiential learning opportunities geared towards exposing participants to college and career options.
Participants gain:

1) a better understanding of expectations for the professional workplace;
2) marketable skills that they can use to improve their ability to succeed in the workplace;
3) exposure to different types of colleges and financial aid opportunities; and
4) self-awareness about their strengths, challenges and interests as they plan for the future.

Components of the program include:

College Trips

CHCF take participants on college trips, both local and long distance, as well as to college fairs to expose them to the college experience and learn about financial assistance available to them.

College Fairs

CHCF takes participants to local college fairs to expose them to the college experience and learn about financial assistance available to them.

Career Days

Participants will attend career days at which participants meet professionals in various occupations at partner corporations or organizations and have the opportunity to ask questions about their work and the steps required to achieve those positions. Career Days usually include a tour, and sometimes a panel discussion.

Job Readiness Workshops

Participants will attend workshops that focus on basic job and career development skills including interviewing skills, dress code, resume building, cover letter, job searching, mock interviews, and developing talking points for networking.

Financial Literacy

Participants will receive a workshop on basic financial literacy including: checking & savings accounts, budgeting, avoiding debt, the importance of saving, and money management. Students that participate in the internship component will also get the opportunity to open a checking account with a local bank.

Intern Orientation

Students selected for the internship component will participate in an event at the CHCF office where they will discuss professional office etiquette with our executive staff, meet the members of the CHCF Board of Directors, share their expectations in participating in the internship program, and hear from previous participants.

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