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Parent engagement is crucial for student success

Youth Development provides academic and afterschool enrichment programs to supplement students’ education and prepare them for scholastic success.

“It’s a space that I really feel is for me. I can breathe, I can let things go in a way that I couldn’t do at home, so…I feel happy with this program. I feel truly good” -Becky Garcia, Parenting Journey

CHCF’s Elementary, Middle, and High School Programs

Our Youth Development department provides community-based academic and after school enrichment programs to supplement students’ educations and prepare them for scholastic success and on-time graduation.

Opening Doors to the Future (ODF) offers comprehensive holistic support to students attending CHCF’s high school site, Bronx High School of Business

Our After School Impact Area


ODF students graduated with a diploma and were attending college in Fall 2019


students and their families served


of BHSB students were college ready in 2019 vs 15% in 2016

Provides Academic Enrichment

Our After-School Programs seamlessly extend the school day—that means more time to study, create, work, and learn. We strive to help students be more successful and put them on a long-term path to stay in school. By incorporating technology and hands-on learning, providing homework help, and giving students more opportunities to be creative, CHCF enriches their education and makes learning fun.

Promotes Healthy Minds and Bodies

Our programs give students and their families the tools to improve themselves both physically and mentally. Whether our staff are training youth to become peer educators, helping children learn math with new tablet technologies, or teaching parents how to cook healthier meals and stay fit, our YD programming helps families stay strong and healthy.

Partners with Families

CHCF does not just work with students—all of our youth development programs integrate educational opportunities that involve the entire family. We give families information about adolescent sexual health and pregnancy prevention, and teach parents how to talk to their children about these difficult topics; keep them informed about Common Core State Standards implementation and how best to support their children academically; and we help them become effective education advocates for their children. Most importantly, we help families communicate positively, so that they stay cohesive and strong.

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