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Community Schools Initiative


CHCF’s Drop-Out Prevention program (GPS) seeks to improve students’ graduation rates and prepare youth socially and academically so that they can continue onto college and careers. The Program’s holistic approach and activities include:

  • Academic Support
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Financial Literacy Training


And more! CHCF administers the program at Grace Dodge Career and Technical High School in the Bronx and at Progress High School for Professional Careers in Brooklyn.


The 10th Grade Academy

In 2014, CHCF launched a 10th Grade Academy for boys and girls at Progress High School. The Academy builds leadership, awareness, and a sense of community and responsibility in students through weekly group discussions and classes on healthy relationships and communication; sexism and misogyny; racism and racial profiling; media; gender and sexuality; and community activism and social justice.

CHCF is helping students:

Maximize their potential
Build confidence, & self-respect

Find their creative voice

Make informed decisions

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