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Family Day at the American Museum of Natural History

Students, parents and staff from the CHCF after-school Program at PS/MS 279 had the Second Annual CHISPA and Padres Comprometidos Family Day on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at The Natural Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.

110 parents, staff and students had the opportunity to visited the museum and two of the exhibits with the guidance of the museum staff. They had two STEM related activities available for the parents and students.

The Children Investigating Science with Parents and Afterschool (CHISPA) program, funded by the National Science Foundation, works to increase STEM learning among Latino students and encourage parental involvement in their children’s education. The program also leverages a network of science museums and afterschool programs affiliated with NCLR and the ASPIRA Association to connect Latino families with access to the local science resources needed to ensure meaningful science engagement and enrichment.

Students and parents had a great time and had the opportunity to stay and visited the museum for the day.

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