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Thirty two students and eight staff members participated in the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) located in northeastern Pennsylvania, approximately 20 miles from the junction of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, near the town of Dingmans Ferry.

PEEC is a residential environmental education center is in the northeastern United States. This public/private partnership has with-stood the test of time and has served the education community for over thirty years.

Students participated in a variety of outdoor activities designed to provide a holistic presentation of the natural world. The sessions focused on plants, earth, water, animals, and nocturnal natural history as well as a sprinkling of recreation activities such as hiking, orienteering or canoeing and much more.

Our students explored pleasant experiences outdoors that will foster a concern for the environment and inspiration to take action. Participants study more about ecology, sustainable practices, community concepts, and interpersonal skills; they’ll become equipped to get involved in their home communities.

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