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The Committee for the Hispanic Children and Families After -school program at PS/MS 279 participated in the Fall/ Welcome Family Day at the Museum Of Natural History on Saturday,November 12, 2016 .Families participated in the museum exhibits/shows and received materials and participated in activities and explored the museum. We all had a great day. This event is part of the Padres Comprometidos con CHISPA which is a bridge between students, parents, schools and museums.

CHISPA is a national collaboration between the Frost Museum of Science, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the ASPIRA Association, and a network of ten other science museums located in cities with growing Latino populations, working together to build stronger communities and increase the engagement of Hispanic children and their families with science and local science resources

The project builds on the previous investment of NSF resources in development of the Afterschool Program Exploring Science (APEX) model, developed by the Frost Museum of Science, and will expand its reach and provide additional elements to increase family engagement and ensure future sustainability.

Thank you to the amazing PS/MS 279 Team for your engagement and participation!

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