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Six grade youths from the CHCF program at PS/MS 279 are participating in the Beautification Initiative as part of the Leadership Program.

The youths are participating in a community/leadership project where they are volunteer to remove writing from classroom desks to give a better image to their school. They agreed that they were bothered by the things that they come across when coming into the classrooms

They researched and found safe products/ways to remove as much graffiti from the desks as possible and also try to clean and/or organize these classrooms under the supervision of a youth leader.

This project will help the youth feel better about their school environment. It will also help others see the importance of keeping their areas or belongings clean and organized for others to see and use.

They will continue working in projects to beautify other areas of the school grounds.

Congratulations to this amazing group of six graders!

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