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Through all of the work of the Committee for Hispanic Children & Families, our primary concern is supporting young people in New York City, knowing that when we lift up our youth, it lifts up the whole community. There are few people in our network who better exemplify this ethos than our own Miguel Rodriguez.

Miguel first found CHCF as an intern with Opening Doors to the Future, a CHCF program to develop Latino or African American public high school students as young professionals and community leaders. Program Director Mauro Satalino, who is always on the lookout for interns who CHCF can hire as employees, noticed Miguel’s work ethic and uncommon gregariousness.

“From the first moments of knowing him, I could tell that Miguel had a rare quality of character,” Mauro Satalino said. “He’s friendly, he understands his job, and he has the ability to bring the people around him together.”

After graduating from the Bronx High School of Business in 2017, Mauro hired Miguel as an Assistant Group Leader at the nearby PS 59. Only a year later, he was promoted to Group Leader, and has since served CHCF as a Community Empowerment Coordinator, and now as Family Worker with CHCF’s new Family Child Care Network.

“Miguel represents the kind of success we hope for not just in our employees, but for all people in our community,” said Ramon Peguero, Esq., President & CEO of the Committee for Hispanic Children & Families. “CHCF couldn’t be prouder of Miguel, and we hope that he serves as an example of what the community can continue to accomplish when it supports its young leaders.”

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