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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, and the associated challenges that New Yorkers experienced, CHCF served the city of New York by adapting its census outreach to match the circumstances of this time.

CHCF designed creative outreach strategies for its target communities, such as the distribution of census flyers and materials along with the free meals they provided to their clientele, and the utilization of newsletters, email blasts, and social media to increase census awareness and participation. CHCF seamlessly integrated their census outreach efforts into their social services, incorporating census messaging into their wellness check-ins, and were quick to use phone banking and text banking tools to reach their target communities. CHCF not only met their stated deliverables, but surpassed expectations in the amount of time and effort spent on census engagement.

In total, CHCF engaged thousands of its constituents about the importance of completing the census and confirmed that 8750+ of those constituents followed through on completing the census survey.

Letter from The NYC Complete Count Fund

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