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CHCF Speaks to the Bronx Social Justice and Anti-Violence Forums on BronxNet 

On the occasion of the Grand Opening of CHCF’s new Bronx office, community television network BronxNet brought our staff onto Social Justice and Anti-Violence Forums, BronxNet’s special weekly program addressing civic engagement, inequality, and deep systemic issues facing the Bronx. 

Host Daren Jaime sat down remotely with our Chief Program Officer Ingrid Chungata and Director of Policy Danielle Demeuse. With the increased need for mental health resources for parents and children, Ingrid Chungata spoke about the expansions CHCF is making to mental health support staff. 

“Children are coming into our programs with limited vocabulary and exhibiting challenging behaviors because they’ve been at home for so long,” Chungata told BronxNet. “One of the things we’ve seen during and after the pandemic, now that we’re going back to life-as-normal, is that families need to see what’s out there when it comes to mental health services. We’re working with child care providers to identify these needs, and working with families to secure that support.” 

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, many families and child care providers needed access to vital resources to support lost income and increased care needs. Organizations like CHCF were left trying to bridge the gap between NYC’s Hispanic communities and resources that were primarily advertised and organized in English. 

“Language access continues to be a huge issue” CHCF’s Director of Policy Danielle Demeuse said. “Keeping families informed in their own language about resources that are available, access to tablets and devices — helping families navigate those processes are a huge piece of what we’re doing.” 

Social Justice Anti-Violence Forums airs on BronxNet, Thursdays, 7pm on CH67/2133. Click here for a full list of their episodes. 

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