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CHCF After-school Program at PS/MS 279 held it’s kick off of the SciGirls program with the support of Unilever. This program is designed to spark girls and their families curiosity in science through activities that promote knowledge and discovery. Students were introduced to the program, goals and expectations They completed the survey and had the opportunity to ask questions or concerns about the program.

The lesson of the day was from the After school Universe Curriculum – “A model of the Universe”. Students were challenged to create a model of the universe. modeling the size, shape and relative position of the objects in the Universe​​. Students showed active​ participation​, motivation and a great teamwork spirit.
The group leaders were ​Amazing! ​ They were ​prepared, on time and​ well ​motivated. ​A shout out to the eighth grade students (SciGirls peers) for your great job! You were all outstanding!

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