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At the Committee for Hispanic Children & Families (CHCF), we have special cause to celebrate Women’s History Month. The communities we serve in New York City are primarily people of color, and it’s women of color who are the backbone of the child care solutions in these neighborhoods.

Our organization and its members, who dutifully serve these communities and providers, are no different. While the U.S. workforce is 47% women, women make up 78% of CHCF, including 7 out of 9 members of our leadership team. At CHCF, we recognize with gratitude the additional struggles women face in the modern workforce, from continued discrimination and emotional labor demands, to the struggles of balancing family life.

Our remarkable representation of our community continues: According to the latest U.S. Labor Department statistics, only 11% of the professional and managerial workforce in the United States is Hispanic, and even fewer are women of color. At CHCF, our full-time staff are 83% Hispanic and, we are proud to report, 71% of our employees are women of color.

“CHCF is thriving because of the hard work of the powerful women who lead this work,” said CHCF President & CEO Ramon Peguero, Esq. “I’m proud every day to work with such a talented team of businesswomen.”

Are you interested in joining this incredible mission-driven team? CHCF is hiring! Check out our career opportunities here, and become a part of this organization’s life and history.

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