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At the Committee for Hispanic Children & Families (CHCF), we understand that every community is diverse — diverse in its needs, identities, and cultural backgrounds. Even within Hispanic identity, there isn’t just a single “Hispanic” community, but rather a multitude of identities. And in order to serve New York City, our community organizations need to reflect that diversity in their leadership.

This year, for Black History Month, we’re lifting up the work of Glendaliz Valdez, an Afro-Latina leader in our organization and a beacon of service and stewardship to her community in the Bronx.

Valdez arrived in New York City from Puerto Rico at the age of 7. Though she began her career in Brooklyn, and received her Master’s degree at St. Joseph’s College, she eventually felt drawn to return to the Bronx in order to serve the community that raised her.

“Everything from my thick hair to my accent helps me identify with the families and community we serve,” Valdez said, “They’re able to relate to me, they feel welcome, they want to share their stories. And it helps when I’m mentoring young leaders.”

Valdez puts her mission first: to uplift others and pave the way for young leaders, the same way that others took interest and paved the way for her. CHCF is so proud to have leaders like Valdez, and look forward to seeing how she shapes the future of New York City.


  • Juan Luis Poll says:

    Congratulations! Yes a beacon, shining the path with your energy and dedication.

  • Gabriela Bressan says:

    Congratulations, Glendaliz! In The CHCF, we are proud of you and your job. You are a true role model!

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