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We’re proud to announce that Ramon Peguero, President & CEO of the Committee for Hispanic Children & Families, was elected as a representative to the UNIDOS US Affiliate Council in February.

UnidosUS is the nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization, and its network of nearly 300 community-based organizations serve the 62 million Latinos across the United States and Puerto Rico. As a member of the Affiliate Council, Ramon will represent the partnership between UnidosUS and those organizations, helping guide UnidosUS and developing programs, policy, and grassroots strategy.

“I truly believe that our organization’s affiliation with UnidosUS has allowed us to grow both financially and in our sector,” Peguero wrote in his statement of interest as a candidate for the position. “The collegial relationships that I have been able to form would not have been possible without said affiliation.”

Serving alongside Ramon as the other representative for the Northeast Region of UnidosUS is Angelica Perez- Delgado, President & CEO of the Ibero-American Action League Inc based out of Rochester, NY.

You can read more about the UnidosUS Affiliate Council here.

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