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CHCF Marks Historic Expansion of Services in the Bronx at Upcoming Office Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

New York, NY, May 13, 2022 — The Committee for Hispanic Children & Families (CHCF) will celebrate the grand opening of a new Bronx office on June 2, 2022. The surge in personnel and resources is part of an urgent effort on behalf of CHCF to address the Bronx’s need for increased support in child care, immigration, housing, and other social services.

The new office will be the home base for 21 full-time child care administrators who moved from the Manhattan headquarters to build on the work CHCF is doing in Bronx schools and communities. CHCF staff has started using the new office as a location for training providers, handing out baby food to the public, and taking one-on-one meetings for those who needed social service support in English and Spanish. CHCF already has several offices within nearby public schools, but will now have a central hub on Morris Avenue.

“The rise in crime, compounding the adverse effects that COVID had on our community, we felt compelled to double down on our efforts to support the resurgence of the Bronx and bring more much needed services to the people most in need”, said Ramon Peguero, Esq., President & CEO of the Committee for Hispanic Children and Families.

Last year, CHCF established its new Family Child Care Network, a group of child care providers that serve 250 children in the Bronx. CHCF also manages after-school programs for over 530 Bronx children across four nearby public schools. CHCF’s interventions led to dramatic increases in graduation rates — over the course of CHCF’s work at the Bronx High School of Business, 4-year graduation rates more than doubled from 39% to 85%, rising above the New York State standard of 80%.

The new offices will allow CHCF to expand its offerings throughout the Bronx on every front — one-on-one consultation, after school opportunities, community leadership training, and more.

“They’re on the front line and they’re doing real work,” NYC Mayor Eric Adams said about CHCF at this year’s 40th Anniversary Gala. “I saw it as the borough president, and I’m going to be [CHCF’s] partner as mayor.”

Elected officials, child care providers, local police, and community leaders from across New York will be present for the 12:00 p.m. ribbon cutting ceremony.

Founded in 1982, CHCF is one of New York City’s oldest grassroots Hispanic organizations, serving all five boroughs as an essential resource for low- and middle-income families who need access to child care and essential services. During the height of the COVID pandemic, CHCF facilitated the distribution of $3.4 million in emergency funding for child care through the CARES Act.

For more information about the CHCF Bronx Office Grand Opening, please call Jack Smith at (212) 206-1090, ext. 470, or visit our website at

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