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Considering the unique pressures of our post-COVID world, prioritizing mental health is paramount, especially for parents and child care providers who play pivotal roles in shaping young minds. At Committee for Hispanic Children & Families, we understand the importance of fostering a supportive environment for both caregivers and children.

That’s why, with the help of our Infant & Toddler Mental Health team, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of mental health resources tailored specifically to address the unique needs of parents and child care providers:

New York State Office of Mental Health

The State’s mental health resources online are vast and includes information about potential programs New Yorkers can access, reading lists, curricula, and crisis hotlines.

The Infant Toddler Resource Center from the New York City Child Care Resource & Referral Consortium

The NYC Infant Toddler Resource Center is a consortium program coordinated by the Day Care Council of New York. The Center is a nexus for the provision of technical assistance and professional development opportunities on best practices that meet the developmental needs of children from birth to three.

The Early Childhood Family Toolkit from Growing Up NYC

This toolkit contains a great set of resources, tips, and strategies for cultivating a healthy upbringing, including free, easy-to-use mental health resources.

The Be Kind People Project

The Be Kind People Project offers innovative programming to help students effectively understand, link, and apply academic, civic, nutrition, physical, wellness, leadership, and character education.

The website includes lots of youth development resources aimed at cultivating sustainable wellbeing from a young age.

Mental Health Resources in NYC from Weill Cornell’s Center for Human Rights

This guide, compiled by Barbara Eisold and Jacob Cohen, is intended to help find free or low-cost mental health services for asylum seekers and other vulnerable persons in the New York City area.

The CHCF Infant & Toddler Mental Health Team

Here at CHCF, we employ several full time, highly-trained, culturally-sensitive Infant & Toddler Mental Health Consultants who are ready to handle individual requests from child care providers.

Get in touch today! Contact: Youseline Monfort at

Remember, prioritizing mental health is not only beneficial for caregivers but also lays the foundation for healthy and on-time development in children. By equipping ourselves with knowledge, support, and resources, we can cultivate resilience, strengthen bonds, and foster thriving families and communities.

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