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CHCF ensures Latinos contribute to, benefit from, and improve our democratic system. We help people become citizens and register to vote, and involve youth and families into our advocacy efforts.

Asamblea de los Pueblos: “Gathering of the People”

Asamblea panel 
CHCF, in collaboration with community based organizations serving newly arrived Latino immigrant communities, convened the Asamblea de los Pueblos on January 31 at the headquarters of SEIU Local 32BJ in Manhattan. Local government administrators, DOE representatives and officials from consulate offices addressed a crowd of 85 attendants regarding issues confronting the unaccompanied minors migrating into the U.S. from Central America and Mexico.

CHCF convened the Asamblea de los Pueblos on January 31, 2015 at the headquarters of SEIU Local 32BJ in Manhattan. A crowd of 85 parents, immigrants and concerned residents gathered to receive updates on the situation confronting the unaccompanied minors migrating into the U.S. from Central America and Mexico.

Grace Bonilla, CHCF President & CEO, opened the assembly, followed by District 38 Council Member and President of the City Council’s Immigration Committee Carlos Menchaca who urged all those present to apply for the New York City Municipal ID (IDNYC).

Asamblea grace vanessa carlos 
The first set of panelists discussed immigration processes and parents’ rights to their children’s education. These panelists were Alexia Schapira, Executive Attorney, Make the Road NY, who spoke on deportation processes and requisites for refugee and political asylum status; Angélica Infante-Green, Associate Commissioner, Office of Bilingual Education and Foreign Language, NYS Department of Education, who spoke on the right to an education, the enrollment process and how to access programs in New York state; and Irina Tavera, Community Organizer, Municipal ID Program, NY Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Affairs, who answered questions on how to apply for the new Municipal ID, open to immigrants, documented or otherwise.

Panel two consisted of Johannes Jácome from the Mexican Consulate in New York City, and Sandra Marisol Cruz de Flores, Consulate General of El Salvador in New York. They both fielded questions from the audience on what their respective countries are doing to both discourage the influx of new undocumented children and relieve the situation for those who are already in the US.
Lucía Gómez, Executive Director of La Fuente (a not-for-profit that joins labor members and their neighbors to develop projects that educate and promote civic participation in new immigrant communities), closed the event.

The Asamblea de los Pueblos was organized by The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc. In collaboration with 32BJ SEIU, La Fuente, Make the Road, Mexican Coalition, Voces Sin Fronteras, MIGUA, Yurumen House, Cuzcatlán Hispanic Center, Covenant House New York, Hondurans Against AIDS, MASA, Community Organization for the Development of the Afro Woman, Guatemalan Immigrant Movement, and the Limoneñas Ladies Organization.


Opening the Gateway to Citizenship


CHCF’s staff prepares immigrants to take the US Citizenship and Immigration Services naturalization exam. Our course covers US government, history, the Constitution, and a “Know Your Rights” seminar. The course is not just preparation for the test; it helps immigrants become fully participating citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

[faq question=’Am I eligible to file for the United States citizenship test (naturalization)?’] Becoming a U.S. citizen is a process called “naturalization.” Use the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services “Naturalization Eligibility Worksheet” to determine if you are eligible for citizenship. You can also read about the full naturalization process on the USCIS website.[/faq] [faq question=’How can I enroll in civics classes with CHCF?’] If you are interesting in registering for civics classes to prepare for the United States citizenship interview, please contact CHCF via email or by phone at (212) 206-1090.[/faq]
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