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The State of Latino Families in New York 2011


  • Health Insurance Coverage: In New York City, 22.2% of Latinos were uninsured in 2008, more than double the rate of 9% for Whites. In New York State, nearly 27% of Latino residents between 18 and 64 years of age were uninsured in 2009, while only 10% of Whites were in the same situation.

  • Teen Pregnancy Rates: Approximately 70.4 Latina teens became pregnant out of every 1,000 teenagers between ages of 15 and 17 from 1995-2004, compared to only 14.5 White teens. In New York City, 55.9% of all teen births were Latinos in 2007, more than seven times the number among White teens (7.4%).

  • Obesity: In 2010, 26.5% of Latino children were obese and 19.9% were overweight in New York City public schools, compared to the 23.5% obesity rate and the 16.1% overweight rate of White children. In 2008, 18.1% of Latino children in the Women Infants and Children (WIC) supplemental food program were obese in New York State, compared to 12.3% of White children.

  • Prevalence of Asthma: In New York City, the preva­lence of asthma in children was 12% Latino and 4% White in 2007. Across New York State, 20.1% of Latino students in middle schools had asthma in 2008 com­pared to 16.1% of White students.

  • New Cases of HIV/ AIDS: In New York City, Latinos were 31.8% of persons living with HIV/AIDS in 2009, in contrast to the 20.9% that were Whites. In New York State, 30.5% (approx. 1,393) of all newly reported cases of HIV/AIDS in 2009 were Latinos, while White repre­sented 19% of the total of new cases.

  • History of Mental Health Problems: 24.5% of Latinos had a history of depression in New York City in 2008, while 16.2% of Whites had a similar history. Additionally, 30% of the children who received mental health services were Latinos in 2007 in New York State, in contrast to 42% of Whites.


  • Availability of Early Education: An estimated 88,668 Latino children in New York City in 2010 were without subsidized pre-K or early education and care options for which they are eligible.

  • Achievement Gap: Only 49% of Latino students in the eighth grade in New York City were at level 3 or 4 on the English Language Acquisition (ELA) exam in 2009, while 76% of White students were at that level. Similarly, in New York State, only 37% of Latino students in the eighth grade were at level 3 or 4 on the ELA exam in 2009, while 68% of White scored that high.

  • English Language Learners (ELLs): Only 44.4% of ELLs graduated on time in 2010, compared to the graduation rate of the rest of the student population at 59%. In New York State, 38.6% of ELLs graduated on time in 2009, while the rate for White students was 82.7%.

  • Graduation Rates: Only 55.9% of Latino students graduated in the New York City public school system in 2009, compared to 76.5% of White students. In New York State public schools, 54.8% of Latino students graduated in 2009, while 82.7% of White students graduated in the same year.

Juvenile Justice

  • Admissions to Juvenile Facilities: 28% of youth admitted to New York City juvenile facilities in 2010 were Latinos, while Whites constituted only 4%. In New York State, 26.2% of the 1,632 youth admitted were Latino (428) in 2008, while only 9.6% were White (157).

Child Welfare

  • Child Abuse Reports: 39.8% of substantiated abuse reports in New York City were Latino children in 2008, while 6.4% were White children. In 2008, Latino children comprised 24.2% of these reports in New York State.

  • Foster Care Placements: 28.7% of the children in foster care were Latino in New York City in 2008 compared to 4.1% White. In New York State, 20.5% children placed in foster care in 2008 were Latino compared to 18.5% White.

  • Mandated for Foster Care Prevention Services: Latinos were 39.9% (6,913) of the 17,326 of children who received mandated services to prevent placement in foster care in New York City in 2008. In New York State, Latino children who received mandated services constituted 28.9% (13,205) of 45,691 in 2009.

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